Workshops Offered

At Houston Transitions to Wellness & Counseling, we offer a variety of group workshops. These workshops are topic-focused, including mini-lectures, handouts, and group activities. We can design these workshops to be 3 hour presentations or tailor the activities to present to the group in 1 hour presentations.

Below is a list of the workshops we offer and a description of the activities if presented as a 3 hour workshop: 

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Fingerprint is a playful, right-brain exercise where participants create an art work which symbolizes their current spirituality and then reflect upon ways to nourish their spirit.

Spiritual Pilgrimage creates a lifeline drawing which allows participants an opportunity to trace their spiritual journey, noting those experiences, attitudes, and revelations that contribute to their well-being and identifying areas for future growth.

Caring Appraisal encourages participants to analyze the quality of their self-care habits (body, mind, spirit, relationships) as well as their other-care commitments (family, spouse, neighbors, creation).

That’s the Spirit! presents a simple checklist to assess current spiritual self-care habits and then review a menu of spirit-related energizers for enhancing health.

Breath Prayer allows participants to tap into their inner healing resources in a relaxing, rhythmic, affirmation meditation.

Creative Compromise

Tug of War is a game of strategy where participants pair up to explore alternative approaches to conflict.

Conflict Management is a thought-provoking learning experience where participants explore four conflict-prevention skills and experiment with applying them to specific conflict situations.

Hand Dancing helps even those who hate to dance love this playful, easy process for mimicking a partner’s hand movements to music.

Stop, Look, and Listen uses a do-it-yourself study guide, and trios of participants experiment with techniques to improve listening skills and explore applications of empathy as a stress management strategy.

Affirmative Action Plan is an attitude-changing exercise where participants draw up a plan for using affirmations to manage a workplace stressor. 

Life—It’s Worth Living

Self-Esteem Pyramid helps participants build self-esteem by talking about their positive qualities with a growing number of people.

Self-Esteem Grid is an assessment of a key component of health. Participants affirm their extraordinary qualities, rank themselves on characteristics of high and low self-esteem, and make plans to boost their self-image.

Fourth Source of Stress points out the role that poor self-esteem plays in creating distress, and helps participants become aware of the power of positive self-esteem as a primary stress management tool.

Affirmation Calendar has participants fill a calendar with rich, positive statements about themselves, and then read these thoughts for daily affirmations in the coming months.

Megaphone is a peppy exercise where participants publicly acclaim their personal wellness qualities. 

Spend Time Where It Counts

Turtle, Hare or Racehorse? is an energetic mixer where participants take on the identity of the animal whose life patterns most closely resemble their own. These “habitat” groups discuss the eustress and distress caused by their lifestyle.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is an empowering exercise where participants assess the amount of time they mentally spend in the past, present, and future, and are encouraged to capitalize on the power of the present moment.

The ABC’s of Time is a skill-building exercise that illustrates the importance of spending time where it counts. Participants list the activities and tasks that consumed yesterday’s 24 hours, then assess whether or not they invested effort in their top priorities.

I’ve Got Rhythm presents a simple stress management strategy based on the concept that there’s a right time for everything. Participants identify the current rhythm of their lives and decide what plans will help them flow with, rather than fight against, their natural rhythm.

Goals, Obstacles, Actions is an in-depth planning exercise that helps participants set goals, formulate strategies for moving toward their goals, and monitor their progress. 

The AAABC’s of Stress

Traveling Trios is a fast-paced icebreaker where participants move from group to group, meeting each other and describing their coping styles.

Stress Symptom Inventory is a whole person assessment of stress exhaustion symptoms where participants look at their distress patterns and identify issues they want to work on during the session.

The AAAbc’s of Stress is a coping practicum that teaches a simple paradigm for dealing with stress. Participants practice applying these strategies in role play situations first and then apply the model to one of their own stressors.

One Step at a Time is a nine-part guide to lead participants step-by-step through a creative planning process for coping with a stress-related problem.

The Garden is a poignant parable that focuses on the difference between “play” and “scoring.”

Month of Fundays allows participants to explore the power of play as a stress management strategy and to make a plan for incorporating play into their lifestyle every day of the coming month.

On the Job Stress

Stressful Occupations divides participants into occupational groups, brainstorms on-the-job stressors and campaigns to have theirs declared the “most stressful occupation.” This lively exercise is particularly effective for mixed professional groups.

Spice and Arsenic uses an unusual measuring device to help participants assess current and past stress levels and decide how much is enough for them.

On the Job Stress Grid is an exercise where participants use a special grid to pinpoint their job stress and its sources, then rank the intensity of their stress, identify their job hot spots and explore possibilities for coping.

Merry-Go-Round is a rowdy energizer where participants discover the stress of taking on too many burdens.

A-B-C-D-E-F-G Planner leads participants through a 7-step process to devise a concrete plan for managing one life stressor more effectively.

Hot Tub is an unusual relaxation experience where participants relax in the soothing warmth of an imaginary hot springs.

Go for the Gold

Rummage Sale is an icebreaker that quickly involves participants in exploring stress through object identification.

Go for the Gold is a skill-building exercise, where participants examine their personal goal-setting process and explore the effectiveness of organizing their day-to-day decisions toward specific targeted goals.

Red Rover allows participants to display their originality in moving from one side of the room to the other.

Imagine Success participants practice the technique of positive visualization, imagining themselves as successfully employing a selected coping skill.

With a Little Help from My Friends allows participants to consider the value of enlisting friends to help with lifestyle changes. They select a change they want to make and plan how friends can help.

Just for Today is a memorable planning process based on the twelve steps. It challenges participants to make concrete commitments to change.

Meet the New Me! is a short closing ritual where participants imagine the health and vitality they will possess one year later. They introduce themselves as if the positive changes they planned have already taken place.

Whole Person Wellness

My Mother Says is a quick ice-breaker where participants introduce themselves as they exchange health tips.

Whole Person Health Appraisal is a novel health appraisal process where participants draw on their own wisdom to assess their level of physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and lifestyle health. Participants then identify their personal health risk areas.

Healthy Sing-Along is a playful song, which is fun to sing and celebrates good health.

Wheel of Health is an extended process that helps participants explore the concept of wholeness by involving them in the building of a whole person model and examining the implications of their design. The process includes three parts: A)( building the wheel model on the blackboard; B) exploring the implications of the wheel; C) self-examination using the wheel as a personal radar screen.

Four Corners is a reflection-action exercise where participants fantasize the long-run implication of their whole person self-care habits and lifestyle choices by imagining what type of health breakdown they are headed toward.

Daily Wellness Graph helps participants learn how to chart the daily ups and downs of their progress toward higher levels of wellness.

Keep Your Cool

Quips and Quotes allows participants to introduce themselves using memorable quotations, then to join forces in trios to create tongue-in-cheek definitions of stress.

Sticks and Stones is a consciousness-raising exercise to help participants explore the universal potential for violence in relationships and the individual’s responsibility to choose nonviolent methods of problem solving.

Keep Your Cool is an action-oriented exercise where participants can practice skills for managing anger in provocative situations.

Ten-Second Break teaches a ten-second breathing and auto-suggestion break that’s ideal for instant stress relief.

Remote Control is an empowering exercise where participants draw upon innate, natural skills to change their mood and direct their behavior.

Coping with Loss

Barometer is a get-acquainted exercise where participants find a weather forecast to fit their mood.

The Mustard Seed is a parable that poignantly illustrates that loss and death are inescapable partners with life.

Good Grief? is a powerful self-reflection and sharing exercise. Participants explore loss as a common source of stress and grieving as a natural process of healing. They identify distressing symptoms of a personal loss, compare their experience with the typical stages of grief and explore methods for reducing the stress of grief.

Loneliness Locator is a major theme expander that challenges participants to distinguish between being alone and being lonely as they explore the theme of dependency in their relationships and also plan ways to deal more constructively with their loneliness.

Silver Linings is a thoughtful exercise where participants discover silver linings in a problem-cloud, and use these ribbons of light as inspiration for coping strategies.

Open Up has participants use a paper bag to explore the potential of self-disclosure as a stress management technique and generate a list of helpful “ears” for coping with tough times.

911 Emergency Plan explores coping in crisis situations. Participants develop a personalized strategy for emergency stress management. This technique is especially helpful for people who want to change stressful habits such as smoking, alcohol or drug use, overwork, anger outbursts, etc., and for stressful interpersonal relationships.

Real Colors

Imagine having the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to clients, friends and family. Real Colors® is a program designed to assess personality and temperament characteristics amongst individuals.  This information is then used to identify strengths and weaknesses of each personality color so that key aspects of motivation, communication, team building, conflict prevention and resolution, and leadership skills can be developed. This program is easy to incorporate into everyday life, and it is the key to achieving higher levels of success on both a professional and personal level. 

In the Real Colors® fundamentals workshop, participants will:

  • Discover their personal strengths.
  • Learn to recognize the strengths of others.
  • Learn how to build instant rapport with people.
  • Learn the most effective methods of speaking to different people.
  • Learn to hear what people are really saying.
  • Discover the different ways individuals process information.
  • Learn to appreciate and value the viewpoints of others.
  • Learn how to apply Real Colors® principles in all areas of their lives.

Walking the Walk Empathy Workshop

Chaperone Class