Supervisions LPC and LSOTP

Practicum Students:

No longer accepting any practicum students:
Donica Jones is a LPC Board Approved Supervisor who offers students who are enrolled in graduate school counseling and psychology programs the opportunity to work and strengthen their clinical skills while they acquire information on how a private practice agency works and serves the needs of the community.  Qualified applicants will submit an application, Graduate school transcripts, two academic references, be able to pass a background check participate in an interview with Donica Jones and possibly other staff. For more information please contact us to request the application packet.  There is no fee for supervision and no student will be paid via monetary compensation but rather the information and opportunity to work with various clients and issues in various settings will be the compensation. All students are expected to conduct at least three two hour counseling workshops in addition to offering individual counseling and back office support.  Appropriate candidates will have an understanding of computer skills, demonstrate emotional maturity, and have nothing posted inappropriate on any social networking site. Only discussion of clients is permitted within Practicum class or within HTWC staffings. Group supervision occurs twice per month.


Not accepting new applicants:
Jones is a LPC Board approved LPC Intern Supervisor and her agency is a Board approved LPC Internship site. Qualified applicants would be persons who have completed and graduated from Graduate School, have passed the NCE exam, and who complete the interview and application process providing supporting documentation.  Supervision may be for the HTWC, Inc. site or may be off site.  Fees vary based on whether the LPC-Intern is working on or off-site from HTWC, Inc. and if working at HTWC, Inc if it is a paid or voluntary LPC Internship.  

If it is a paid on-site internship, or a paid or non paid off site internship the fee for LPC Internship only supervision is $125 per week.  Supervisees may pay the entire month the first week of the month or the first or prior to due each supervision session.   If you are working a paid Internship at HTWC, Inc then all Interns operate as a 1099 contractor and will have a signed contractor fee schedule contract for one year and will complete W-9 forms.  All contractors will invoice HTWC no less than once per month.  All invoices approved will be paid  within 15 days. Group supervision will occur twice a month and the other sessions will be in individual supervision.

If you are working a volunteer Internship at HTWC, Inc. you will be expected to work at least one night a week, complete paperwork as requested by Donica Jones,  and attend group supervision twice a month and individual supervision twice a month.  As certain workshops and classes are offered to clients and as back office needs present additional Saturday or Sunday work will be requested occasionally. 

For more information please contact us to set up an interview with Donica Jones and request the application packet.

ASOTP Supervision:

Donica Jones in not currently accepting new applicants for LPC and on a case by case may accept for ASOTP:

Donica Jones is a CSOT Board Approved Supervisor for candidates who have an ASOTP or who are both working toward an LSOTP. Qualified applicants will submit application and complete interview and references, they must already hold a Primary Mental Health License (even if it is as a LPC-Intern), they must submit to FBI background check and finger printing and pay associated additional fees for licensure.  The supervision may be on-site at $200 per hour for 20 client hours, and no LPC-Intern fee will be charged that week if also receiving LPC-Intern supervision at HTWC, Inc.

Fees for off-site LSOTP supervision for ASOTP are $200 per hour for every 20 hours of client contact working off-site.  LSOTP Supervision for those working off-site is limited to those working in a government or civil service institution and to those in Private Practice or working for another SOT Agency that is at least 50 miles in radius from either of our office locations.  This is to ensure no ethical conflict and no dual relationships with those clients whom may come to HTWC or go to another treatment provider from HTWC within the 50 mile radius. And to ensure to no conflict with other treatment providers locally.

You must receive one hour of face to face supervision for every twenty hours of ASOTP client hours toward LSOTP. For more information please contact us to set up an interview with Donica Jones and request the application packet.